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Thursday, April 30, 2009


My other pet dog just gave birth to three cute puppies. 3-day old pupps cuddled over each other

Embrace me! my dear brothers and sisters

This small creature was snailing through the wild grass, in the backyard of my bungalow after gulping down a frog!.....was lucky enough to get some nice captures of this l`ll snake....

Sunny morning:
a snake slides through the fence
looking for a prey,

the snake,
slithers around,
not a sound

creeps upon,
his prey,
attacks then ,
runs away

My puppy likes
his bone and his ball
But my puppy likes
me most of all

so tame....

I'm Lazy the Lizard.
The tale of my tail
Is perfectly wizard.
If you grab it you'll fail
To catch me as well,
For I'll leave it behind,
And soon grove another
Of the very same kind.

That`s Lizzardoo...hehe..was struggling in the wash basin. Tried a lot to stabilize it at first but after a while it was motionless posing for me!!!

Filthy Antfly..yuk..wrapped around in green dung

That silly creature sleeping in midway of a highway under scorching heat, at 2 in the noon, near a temple, Mysore

I love that reflection in the lake!!

Alwayz crowded during winters - CME lake

Captured that in my garden....perfectly cute..

Could n`t spot that so easily in this swampy area...

crAsh lAnded!!!


Akshat Gait said...

Following your blog but you don't seem to be updating it regularly.. Is it a daily or weekly updated blog?

zuluzymph said...

try my bst 2 kp it updated bt dun gt tym...u cn cnsidr it 2 b weekly at tymz dat 2 bcmz dffcult..

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