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Monday, May 18, 2009

H²O- Fire and water

Fire `n` watEr...

rAining fire...

that's how gems were created.....

Fire-tip through a droplet....

This ones for real....water droplet inside the candle flame!!!

Teardrops of a candle....

Deep, shallow,
Reflecting, showering, running,
Wet, fluid, hot, smoky,
Burning, charring, glowing,
Flames, infernal,
Fire -Diamante

here you gotta see a perfect sphere!!!

Water an elemental
Water a fundamental
Building block of life
Water of Life
Water of Death - Anand Dixit

Playing around with those fragile droplets of a few good shots after clicking hundreds of them over a span of 3-4 dayz...


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

Congratulations for the photos are interesting, I encourage you in my photo blog, a greeting from Italy, good luck

Hello, Ivo

Blaze said...

this is brilliant!!!! marvel!!!
the pics are stunning!!! keep them coming!!!

jyoti said...

These water n candle pics r d best f all... totally amazing... awesome man!!! well done.. kip it up!!

zuluzymph said...

thnx..a lot...:)

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