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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Andaman & Nicobar

Went out for a long trip with family last month to Andaman s after a long long time . The islands out there are simply amazing, abundant with corals and crystal clear waters. Took this shot while on our way to Elephanta beach, Havelock Island from a speedboat.

There were a few uprooted trees @ the beach (as a result of tsunami!). This one provided a perfect frame to click through. The combination of white sand and deep hues of the sea served the right color composition.

Pretty uncommon scene for the mainland beaches of the Indian peninsula but quite common  in these islands. Had only seen a swimming pool with such clear water prior to this! Took this shot @ Radhanagar beach, Havelock Island

The color of the water had just left me spellbound! My D5000 was already on fire!

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Tips for great Pictures!!

Look your subject in the eye

Direct eye contact can be as engaging in a picture as it is in real life. When taking a picture of someone, hold the camera at the person's eye level to unleash the power of those magnetic gazes and mesmerizing smiles. For children, that means stooping to their level. And your subject need not always stare at the camera. All by itself that eye level angle will create a personal and inviting feeling that pulls you into the picture.

Use a plain background

A plain background shows off the subject you are photographing. When you look through the camera viewfinder, force yourself to study the area surrounding your subject. Make sure no poles grow from the head of your favorite niece and that no cars seem to dangle from her ears.

Use flash outdoors

Bright sun can create unattractive deep facial shadows. Eliminate the shadows by using your flash to lighten the face. When taking people pictures on sunny days, turn your flash on. You may have a choice of fill-flash mode or full-flash mode. If the person is within five feet, use the fill-flash mode; beyond five feet, the full-power mode may be required. With a digital camera, use the picture display panel to review the results.
The flash will brighten up people's faces and make them stand out. Also take a picture without the flash, because the soft light of overcast days sometimes gives quite pleasing results by itself.

Auto focus problems

Sometimes the object for focus is too small compared to its background, for example you are trying to focus onto a single thin and tiny leaf, the camera may not be able to auto-focus on it. So place fist or any other object nearby the leaf and allow the camera to auto-focus at that position. Thereafter remove the object and click your shot!! I took snapped those red-ants on the orchids in a similar way.